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Cake Confidence Baking Book By Mandy Merriman

Cake Confidence Baking Book By Mandy Merriman

There's always something to celebrate in life, and there's no better way to celebrate than with some decadent, mouthwatering cake! No matter your confidence in baking, Mandy Merriman--the Blondie of the popular blog Baking with Blondie--is here to help you think outside the cakebox and create easy, delicious, beautiful cakes that you'll definitely want to show off.

Dust off your apron and get ready to create some buttercream joy. This book contains frosting/stacking/decorating step by step tutorials, sure-fire buttercream step by step tips, and recipes that are guaranteed to bake up beautifully every single time.

Review Cake Confidence Baking Book

Cake Confidence Baking Book

Product Details :

  • Paperback: 176 pages
  • Publisher: Front Table Books (March 12, 2019)
  • Language: English
  • Product Dimensions: 9 x 7 x 1 inches
  • Price Kindle format : $6.99
  • Price Paperback format : $10.35

"As a baking and cake design instructor, I'm a firm believer in meeting students where they are in the learning process, without judgement. Mandy's book does just that in a fun, lighthearted, and approachable way. Her recipes offer a great first step into cake making for newbies and time-saving shortcuts for more experienced bakers to whip up something impressive in a flash." - Erin Gardner, author and creator of Erin Bakes

I've made a lot of cakes "from scratch", but the recipes I keep going back to again and again are Mandy's doctored cake mix recipes. They're a time saver and honestly the best cakes I've ever made, both for flavor and texture. If people are giving this book poor reviews because it has doctored cake mixes in it, they probably haven't actually tried Mandy's recipes. She has meticulously added the correct proportions of additional wet ingredients, dry ingredients, and extra flavors to make each cake so moist and delicious. These recipes DO NOT taste like you baked a cake mix from reading the instructions on the back of the box. They're on an entirely different level. Her buttercream recipes are also incredible - I thought I hated frostings until I tried making Mandy's. On top of it all, the photography is stunning. I intend on trying every recipe in this book. Way to go, Mandy! -Olivia Lighten

I would have paid double. I absolutely love this recipe book. When it came, I spent hours pouring over the amazing pictures, tips, and flavor combos. I dream about the recipes (literally) and every one I have tried has been amazing. The recipes are inventive, easy, and better tasting than anything you'll find anywhere. I've taken Wilton cake decorating classes, classes from professionals, and I've been decorating cakes for ten years. Only now do I feel like my cakes are truly impressive. NOTHING gets results like the tips, step by step examples, and award-worthy recipes from this book. The only regret you'll have is for the cakes you made prior to her methods (don't ignore the howto for decorating in this book - your cakes will be at a whole new level, magazine-worthy and more delicious than any "from scratch" recipe I have ever tried (I have tried hundreds). -Kurt Mueller

Mandy has taken flavor to a whole new stratosphere! Her book has so many new flavor combos and beautiful pictures to inspire your decorating. I have been using her recipes for a while now (from her blog) and they always turn out PERFECT, from the flavor & texture to the the perfect flat cake rounds that don't need to be leveled, and everyone that has eaten my cakes (Mandy's recipes) has said it is THE BEST cake they have ever tasted! Her recipes definitely gave me confidence to start my own Instagram page of cakes. I love that I have a book of her creations! *Note, for those who don't already know Mandy or follow her blog or IG, she uses doctored cake mixes, which means she uses a box cake for her dry ingredients and adds in above and beyond what is listed on the box's directions. It is simple and so easy, my kids make perfect cakes too! If you aren't happy with using box cake mixes, you can still use her flavoring techniques to get those Bold flavors, not only in cake but her American Buttercream too! So delicious! Don't knock it till you try it! You will not be disappointed!! (My picture is her white cake recipe with vanilla buttercream) - Krysti Hyde.

About Author

Mandy Merriman is a former-foodie blogger turned full-out cake baker. She inspires over 250K followers on Social Media, including Instagram (@bakingwithblondie), with her breathtaking cake creations. She has appeared on countless TV cooking segments, including Hallmark Channel Home & Family, and has had her cakes features on Food Network social media channels, sharing her recipes and love of baking.

Mandy has brought confidence to the first time baker, as well as created recipes that more than satisfy even the toughest critic. It's her pleasure to encourage bakers to do what's best for them in their kitchens, and has built up a community of bakers that support one another in their baking ventures.

Her work has appeared on Food Network IG,, Huffington Post Taste,, and has been featured by Wilton, Taste of Home, and Buzzfeed.

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